Dermogenera Skin

Dermogenera Skin is a range of new generation technology cosmetics Made in Italy that can be adapted to treat every skin concern, formulated and balanced to deliver active ingredients where they are needed without causing irritation.

Containing growth factors, hyaluronic acid and vitamins alongside natural plant oils to nourish, repair, restore and rejuvenate. We are proud that Dermogenera Skin is now trusted by so many other skin care professionals as a brand of choice to deliver maximum results for their clients. Our products are produced in our laboratory in small batches to ensure potency of active ingredients and we use pharmaceutical grade standards for formulation and pharmaceutical grade ingredients.
The philosophy is simple, to purify, repair, hydrate and most importantly to protect the skin in the most natural way possible.

A compact active range for optimum results with respect for both the skin and for the environment.

  • high concentrations of active ingredients in formulas that remain stable over time.
  • growth factors created using synthetic biotechnology (non-plant or animal) to ensure safety and effectiveness.
  • natural and delicate ingredients such as vegetable oils, which support skin regeneration and have calming and soothing properties without damaging the lipid balance.
  • free from parabens, petrolatum derivatives, SLS & SLES
Skincare Specialist Starter Kit – Everything you need to start your Dermogenera Journey
  • Gentle Cleanse -100ml
  • Exfoliate Cleanse -100ml
  • Repair Hydrate -100ml
  • HA5 Hyaluronic Serum -30ml
  • Regen Balm -10ml

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