Project Description

Nurse LO Aesthetics is a perfect compliment to the team, sharing our ethos that beauty is about enhancing yourself not changing what you already blessed with
Laura is a fully registered Nurse and Nurse Prescriber with 13 years nursing experience. Laura has studied Anatomy and Physiology and specialised in Intensive Care Nursing. Laura is a fully Insured Facial Aesthetics Practitioner and a member of the Aesthetic Complications Expert Group (ACE Group).
Laura was trained in Botulinum toxin Type A “Botox” and Dermal Fillers by the Déjà vu Aesthetic Training Academy in Clifton which is approved and accredited by the Professional Development Certification (CPD) and recognised by leading aesthetic insurers.
Together with Laura’s nursing background and Aesthetics training she strives to bring professionalism, honesty and compassion into the world of beauty and facial aesthetics.